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Welcome to the elementary school Johannisland in Neugraben!

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We are an all-day primary school ...

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... in a barrier-free new building ...

... with around 370 students ...

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... modern but comfortable classrooms ...

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... diverse sports possibilities ...

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... and a spacious outdoor area ...

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... with plenty of room to play and run around!

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Worth knowing about the elementary school Am Johannisland Neugraben

The elementary school Am Johannisland is located in Neugraben, a district in the south of Hamburg. We are a all-day elementary school with around 370 students and 50 teachers. In the year 2013 we moved from our old location in Quellmoor in Hausbruch-Neuwiedenthal to Neugraben-Fischbek in a new building and named ourselves after the street, in which our school is located since then. Our new school building is part of the new meeting and information center (BGZ - "Begegnungs- und Informationszentrum") in Neugraben and is located on the edge of the new development area called Vogelkamp / Elbmosaik.

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Here write teachers, parents and students
Invitation to the school meeting at 12. December
Invitation to the school meeting at 12. December
New Sportkuse after school: gymnastics and ball sports at HNT
New Sportkuse after school: gymnastics and ball sports at HNT
Report from the holiday care
Report from the holiday care
Full house at the flea market in the gym
Full house at the flea market in the gym
Learn instrument in the care
Learn instrument in the care
Marketplace of elementary schools at 14. November
Marketplace of elementary schools at 14. November

Our premises

Our school is housed in a spacious new building. Modernity was combined with warmth and coziness here: on the upper floors there are carpets everywhere, so our students wear slippers during class time. The classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology: today we don't use slates but smartboards. In our school kitchen, we regularly give cooking classes, and in our top-equipped sports hall, the CU-Arena, not only the physical education takes place, here also play the volleyball ladies of VT Hamburg their home games.

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Schoolbag News

Current school information fresh from the mail folder
Answers to parent questions in the auditorium
Answers to parent questions in the auditorium
Flea market at 25.11.
Flea market at 25.11.
School mentoring project
School mentoring project

Our school song

We also sing: Our singing song "The Kids of Johannisland" we sing at each school assembly together, and of course, it is also fervently intoned on special occasions such as the school enrollment.

And that is the text (for all who want to sing along).

Refrain:Wir sind die Schüler, die Kids vom Johannisland, wir lernen, weil&#XNUMX;s uns gefällt. Wir mögen Schule und das auch an jedem Tag. Ja, das ist unsere Welt.

Stanza XNUMX: Wir rechnen, schreiben, lesen, lernen jeden Tag was Neues! Plus, minus, mal, geteilt – das alles g’hört bei uns dazu! Auch Verben, Nomen, Silben dürfen hier bei uns nicht fehlen! Und wer es nicht versteht, für den sind uns’re Lehrer da!

Stanza XNUMX: Ob Freispiel, draußen spielen, der Mittag ist für jeden verschieden. Brücke, Nischen, Mittagessen, das ist alles für uns kein Problem. Auch Kurse für die Schüler, das kannst Du alles bei uns machen. Tanzen, backen und Französisch, das alles macht uns ganz viel Spaß.

Bridge: Kein Tag, an dem hier nichts passiert. Komm‘ zu uns, wenn’s Dich interessiert! Bei uns ist jeder anerkannt. (laut) WILLKOMMEN AM JOHANNISLAND!

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In cooperation with Sportsline Duwe we offer sweatshirts and T-shirts with our school logo for children and adults. The garments cost between 13,50 and 22,40 Euro and can be compared this order form be ordered directly from our cooperation partner.

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