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Welcome to the elementary school Johannisland in Neugraben!

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We are an all-day primary school ...

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... in a barrier-free new building ...

... with around 370 students ...

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... modern but comfortable classrooms ...

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... diverse sports possibilities ...

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... and a spacious outdoor area ...

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... with plenty of room to play and run around!

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All-day Elementary School Am Johannisland Neugraben

The primary school Am Johannisland is located in southern Hamburg in Neugraben. We are a four-day full-time elementary school with around 370 students and 50 educators. In the year 2013 we moved from our old location in Quellmoor in Hausbruch-Neuwiedenthal to Neugraben-Fischbek in a new building. Our new school building is part of the new meeting and information center (BGZ) in Neugraben and is located on the edge of the new development area at Vogelkamp / Elbmosaik.

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Here write teachers, parents and students
open-door day
On Friday, 7. December 2018, from 14 - 16 clock will be held again our open day. We prepare...
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Our sponsored run 2018
On Tuesday, the 18. September 2018 the time had come: The students of the third and fourth year of the elementary day school Am ...
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Announcement sponsorship run 2018
In September 2018 we organize a sponsored run: The children of the 3. and 4. Classes are running, and their sponsors donate pro ...
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First class!
On Tuesday, the 21.08.2018, we welcomed our new first year students. There was a nice school enrollment, which started with our school song: ...
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Summer party 2018
This year's summer party was a complete success: In the sunshine and a lot of wind, many visitors came to the ...
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Our action day before the summer holidays
Our action day 2018 was a lot of fun. The classes have divided into four small groups each and creative ...
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Parent mentors and student mentors
According to the motto "parents for parents", six parents are now available to you as new parent mentors. Around ...
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The new student newspaper is outside
Funny jokes, exciting stories, interviews and riddles. Get the new student newspaper!
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Review AG "Together on Johannisland"
The working group "Together at Johannisland" was founded by 2017 in order to further improve the school. Teachers, parents and school leaders meet ...
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Our premises

Our school is housed in a spacious new building.
Modernity was associated here with warmth and coziness.
The classrooms are equipped with the latest technology.

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